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Smart Trach One Video laryngoscope

Model No. STO

The Smart Trach one video laryngoscope is a portable, single use, device compatible with smartphones, tablets and laptops etc. The Smart Trach video laryngoscope also has optional dedicated monitor which can be  supplied with the advanced video laryngoscope system. The device can be used in pre-hospital for intubations in trauma patient, who requires airway protection, without fear of potential threat of neck or cervical spine injuries, or spinal cord damage, as there is no need to extend or manipulate the neck.

The present device is also capable of recording digital images/ videos with or without voice. It can be used for –

Smart trach AVL 100 Video laryngoscope

Smart trach S Video laryngoscope

Model AVL100 S

Smart trach Steri-Pro Video laryngoscope

Model AVL100SP

Comes with Reusable handle and disposable blades enabling use in multiple patients without waiting for high grade disinfection.

Highly efficient in cases where there is a need to intubate multiple patients within a short span of time or highly infectious patients like in present  pandemic without fear of spreading infection to patients and health care workers during use and reprocessing.  Ergonomic, user friendly design for easy intubation for routine as well as for difficult intubation

Smart Video stylet

Model No.: TVVS

Portable , light weight, reusable Video stylet with HD camera and inbuilt bright LED light for oral and
nasal intubation.

Smart Trach Flex

Disposable, Sterile ready to use flexible video bronchoscope for use In Operation Room, ICU , Pulmonary, and Emergency department


Double lumen Tube with inbuilt miniature camera for precise and magnified view



Smartphone/Tablet compatible otoscope with 4mm diameter scope suitable for routine ENT examination in OPD, emergency , and Telemedicine use . Removable SD card to store images and videos. Can be connected to the Computer and printer to take prints of patients pictures for documentation purpose and future comparison.

Smart Coloposcope

Model No. RIMCC 1080

Smartphone compatible coloposcope, Portable lightweight , easy to use for screening in the field
.The pictures and videos can be recorded and shared with specialist for consultation and further
treatment and for future comparrision. It is used with a sterile sheath so that it can be used in field
with minimum reprocessing without need of high level disinfection of the main device.

Smart Video Hysteroscope

Smartphone/Tablet compatible video hysteroscope which can be used for Clinical Applications like –
1. Abnormal Uterine Bleeding (AUB)
2. Evaluation of the uterine cavity for subfertility and infertility
3. Early cancer screening for endometrial cancer
4. Endometrial assessment after removal of “lost” IUDs and other foreign bodies.

Eye-vue cam

Model No.:EVC1

Spectacle-goggles mountable camera for Video recording of surgical/ medical  procedures compatible with smart phone.


An AED Trainer for masses in Hindi to overcome language barrier during CPR training. To overcome this problem, I have made this AED trainer “PUNAESPANDAN” which gives instructions in Hindi and English.The language Can be customized to other regional languages also to suit the region

CPR (Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation) is an Emergency Lifesaving Procedure, performed when the heart stops beating. Immediate CPR can double or triple chances of survival after cardiac arrest.Chances of survival decreases by 7-8% per minute .So timely action is very important as after 12-13 minutes chances of survival are negligible.

Difficult Airway Cart/ Trolley

This Difficult Airway Cart/ trolley is meant for storing devices and equipment’s used in airway managment. It is used mainly in Operation theaters, Intensive care units, and Emergency departments. Scope of use : ICU,OR,ED Model: JDEQD254B Certification: CE    
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Smart Trach medicare is a newly formed company, focusing on research and development of disposable medical devices which will help to reduce the medical waste generation. 

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